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USDA Economists Awards Presentation and Annual Meeting 3pm March 3, 2022

Please join us as the USDA Economists Group presents its four 2022 awards for outstanding contributions to economics analysis and policy at its annual meeting. The meeting is virtual and can be reached through at or the contact numbers below.

Since 1996, the USDA Economists Group has recognized outstanding work in economic analysis that supports key USDA mission areas. These four awards are the Fred Woods Award for Excellence in Public Policy Research and Education over a career, the Bruce Gardner Award honoring an academic and industry economist who has provided substantial and significant service to the U.S. government, the John E. Lee Award for sustained excellence in team or collaborative economic analysis, and Economist of the Year Award for distinguished work in economic analysis and public policy in the past year. A list of past award winner can be found on the USDA Economists Group's website at

This year the groups receive many outstanding nominations for the awards. I hope you can join us in recognizing the winners.

Peyton Ferrier, President

USDA Economists Group


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