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Pay Online:
  1. Email your name, affiliation (ageny/institution), and preferred email address for the listserv to our VP for Membership, Bruce McWilliams, at and .

  2. Pay your annual $20 membership dues online easily and securely! Just click  the Join Now button below and follow the easy procedure.

Pay by Check or Cash:

Alternatively you can pay by cash or check. Please send payment to:

William Janis

    6188 Hardy Drive

    McLean, VA 22101-3111

Office address (Do not use until the pandemic is over):

William Janis

International Economist
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Foreign Agricultural Service
Import Policies and Export Reporting Division
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 5526D
Washington, DC 20024-2130

phone: 202-720-2194

Welcome to the USDA Economists Group!

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