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Economic Resources
  • Digitop is USDA's Digital Desktop Library service, providing USDA employees a gateway to quality information resources, many not available through the "ordinary" web.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit is the research and analytics arm of the publication "The Economist" providing reports, analysis, data, and forecasts for industries and countries.

  • AgEcon Search The University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics maintains the Agricultural and Applied Economics Search Information System, an extensive database providing descriptions of and reports from thousands of private and publicly-supported PowerPoint presentations, research, and education activities, many with economic topics.

  • The National Institute of Food and Agriculture maintains the Current Research Information System (CRIS), an extensive database providing descriptions of and reports from thousands of publicly-supported research and education activities, many with a strong or complementary economic topics.

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Resource Economics and Social Sciences Division provides resource information about the agency, staff, and pertinent economic issues. It contains great links for statistical and social sciences information.

  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) - This site has links to databases with abstracts of existing agricultural grants in all topic areas, including economics.

  • NRCS Social Sciences Institute - NRCS Social Sciences Institute - Provides social science information including publications, studies, and more.

  • The "About ERS" web page The Economic Research Service (ERS) is USDA's main source of economic information and research on issues related to agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America. ERS helps decisionmakers probe the issues of the day with peer-reviewed social science research. The agency brings the perspective of economic analysis to critical issues facing farmers, agribusiness, consumers and policymakers. The ERS program ecompasses research, market and policy analysis, and development of economic and statistical indicators. ERS provides decisionmakers with the information they need to conduct business, formulate policy, or learn about the farm, rural, and food sectors. ERS maintains a dynamic website that provides timely and comprehensive economic analysis and research. The agency publishes a magazine, Amber Waves, five times annually, covering the full range of ERS work
    and available in print and on the ERS website.


  • Society of Government Economists - Society of Government Economists - Focuses on economics and public policy issues.It contains information about the organization, on-line membership application, newsletter, lectures, and conferences.

  • Agricultural and Applied Economics Association - Besides links to materials in this area, this site describes the association. This includes its objectives, officers, and material on its publications and membership. There is also information on upcoming meetings.

  • The Farmdoc Project - The Farmdoc Project distributes the quarterly online magazine Choices in partnership with the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association. Choices is the main outreach vehicle of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association and it is designed to provide current coverage regarding economic implications of food, farm, resource, or rural community issues directed toward a broad audience. Take a look at not only the current issue but also the extensive archive of past issues now available at this Farmdoc website.

  • USDA-AMS DATAMART for MPR: This Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) site provides a "DATAMART, Your One Stop Supermarket for historical data reported to AMS' Livestock Market News Service under the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act of 1999. This is a searchable database for all historical data/reports associated with MPR for cattle, hogs, sheep, beef and lamb. The data is can be downloaded in a number of formats as well, similar to USDA-NASS QuickStats.

  • Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE): This site includes details related to its objectives and publications.

  • Job Openings for Economists. This electronic version of JOE offers all the material in the printed version. In addition, this electronic version makes it much easier to search for specific information, but one can also browse the entire document in its usual form. This electronic version is available at the same time as the printed version. The current version is online. In addition, some older issues are available.

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