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The Bioeconomy: Supply Chains for Sustainable Rural Economies, 1/24/24

David Zilberman, Distinguished Professor and Holder of Robinson Chair

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley


OCE Seminar Series

January 24, 2024

10:30am-11:30am, Room 104A Whitten Building, USDA




The bioeconomy is a sector of the economy that relies on natural resources and advanced life science information and other technologies to produce multiple goods and services. The bioeconomy encompasses the production of food, fuel, fiber, chemicals, materials, and environmental services from renewable biological resources, and is a key to the transition from a non-renewable to a renewable economy. It also includes biotechnology and biomanufacturing for food production that reduces the use of land as a non-renewable resource, such as genetic engineering to increase yields, precision fermentation for cell-cultured proteins, and precision/controlled-environment agriculture to avail land resources to other activities and for development of sequestration strategies using living organisms. The designing the bioeconomy will emphasize circularity using residues to produce biobased products.   Building up the bioeconomy requires robust commitment to research, establish science-based regulation and strengthening the legal, financial and institutional foundations necessary for to develop new supply chains. 

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Meeting ID: 240 607 691 133 Passcode: 53WK4g


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