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Post-Conference AAEA Tour of USDA & Other Agencies: Exploring Federal Alternatives

The USDA Economist Group and The Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE) offered 2013 AAEA conference participants a post conference event offering individual tours of various USDA agencies. In addition to touring the agencies, participants heard from USDA REE Under Secretary Dr. Catherine Woteki, Gary Blumenthal (President and CEO, World Perspectives, Inc.), Jonathan Coleman (Chief, Agriculture and Fisheries Division at U.S. International Trade Commission), Matt Hourihan (Director, R&D Budget and Policy Program, AAAS), and representatives from the Congressional Research Service (CRS). The tours provided a brief background and working knowledge of how the agency functions, examples of what an economist does at the particular agency, and information on career and research potential.

Click here for more information on AAEA's 2013 conference page.

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