February may be the busiest month that the USDA Economists Group will have in 2016. Our Annual Meeting was on Wednesday, February 10, and we have an exhibit space again at the USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum.

The Annual Meeting began with remarks from John E. Lee, former Administrator of ERS and Chairman of the Agricultural Economics Department at Mississippi State University followed by presentation of awards.

The award winners were as follows:
Economist of the Year Award: Andrea Carlson (ERS)

On February 10,  2016 USDA Economists Group President Steve Neff opened the organization’s 25th Annual Meeting in the South Building Cafeteria. He noted that the Group brings together economists from USDA, the private sector, and academia. John E. Lee, former ERS Administrator and Chairman of the Agricultural Economics Department at Mississippi State University, then spoke of the importance of the work of economists at USDA in presenting and analyzing the consequences of policy choices.

After the...

GFSF is published its February-March newsletter, GFSF FOCUS. This issue analyzes China’s Intended Nationally Determined Commitment (INDC) made at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit, and how measures in China’s INDC relate to, and will impact, food safety. Other featured pieces include interviews with Frank Wang, Underwriter of Gen Re China, and Rick Tracy, Vice President of International Programs for GCCA, as well as an article on China’s New Food Safety Law, the specific requirements the law entails...

The USDA Economists Group welcomes the following new members:

  • Andrea Carlson ERS

  • Sharon Grand FAS

  • William Hahn ERS

  • Keithly Jones ERS

  • Sharon Sydow OCE

  • Thomas Worth RMA

President (*): Steve Neff (FAS)

TEL: 202-690-0855

E-mail: steve.neff@fas.usda.gov

Vice President - Programs (*): Sherry Wise (AMS)

TEL: 202-720-8075

E-mail: sherry.wise@ams.usda.gov

Vice President - Programs (*): Marina Denicoff (AMS)

TEL: 202-690-3244

E-mail: marina.denicoff@ams.usda.gov

Vice President - Membership (*): Sarah Low (ERS)

TEL: 202-694-5603

E-mail: slow@ers.usda.gov

Secretary (*): Laura Anderson (FAS)

TEL: 202-720-9792

E-Mail: Laura.K.Anderson@fas.usda.gov

Treasurer (*) and Immediate Past Preside...

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